Inspired by the Bag Ladies study group, members of our congregation will visit Congregation Beth Shalom in Modesto on Friday, July 31.  The prayer service will begin at 7:30.  We will meet at the church at 6:15 in order to carpool.

Congregation Beth Shalom is located at 1705 Sherwood Ave.  Click here to get map.


Bag Ladies Lunch

July 16, 2009

Our next Brown Bag Ladies lunch will be Friday, July 24, at 11:30 AM at Bonnie Brewer’s home, 316 Santa Fe Grade Road.

Directions:  Canal School to Preston. East on Preston to the end. Left on Santa Fe Grade. First house on the right past the bull ring.  Click here for map.

Memorial Service

June 1, 2009

A memorial service for Ella Tuvell will be held on Saturday, June 13, at 2:00 PM at the Grace Baptist Church in San Leandro (16105 Mateo Street).  If you would like to go and could use a ride email Pastor Mark.  (You can use the “Contact Us” form on the “About our Church” page.   Click here for map.

Remember to wear red for our celebration of Pentecost this coming Sunday.

Our worship will be centered around praying for the coming and work of the Holy Spirit, in our lives, in our church, in our community, in our world.

And after service we will have our annual Pentecost Picnic. We’ll enjoy the beauty of our church grounds and memorial garden.  Hamburgers and hot dogs, and drinks will be provided.  Please bring a side dish to share.  We’ll have some games after lunch.  Feel free to bring your favorite game to  share.

Coming up:  On Sunday, June 7, Mark and Nancy will be out of town.  John Russel-Curry will be our preacher for the day and will administer the Lord’s Supper as usual on the first Sunday of the month.

Since knowledge conquers fear, here is some information on Swine Influenza from the Centers for Disease Control at If you want more, please go online. (I have posted printouts in the Social Hall.)

  • Swine flu is a contagious respiratory disease, caused by the influenza A (H1N1) virus. It is not known how easily it spreads between people.
  • Symptoms: fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills, and fatigue; sometimes vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Spread of disease: thought to be by coughing or sneezing; droplets land on an object, then a person touches that object with the virus, then touches his or her own mouth or nose or eyes. (Swine influenza is not spread by eating pork).
  • Duration of contagious period: from one day prior to symptoms through seven or more days after becoming ill.
  • Prevention: first and most importantly-wash your hands- using soap and warm water, scrub for the time it takes to sing the “ABC” song—alcohol hand sanitizer is OK too; take good care of yourself, get enough sleep; be active; manage stress; drink plenty of fluids; eat nutritious foods; DO NOT TOUCH contaminated surfaces; avoid close contact with anybody who is sick. Keep your hands away from your face. Those who are sick: STAY HOME.
  • Treatments: antiviral medications obtained with a physician’s prescription: pills, inhalers, liquid, best if started within two days of onset of symptoms.

There is no current vaccine to prevent swine flu. We pray for a quick resolution to this potential pandemic. In the meantime, please do take very good care of yourself.

Click here to go to my article in the May Good News.

Our yard sale was a success because of all the help we had during the week and on the day of the sale.  It takes a lot of work  and people to put on a yard sale to make it a success.  We were lucky that the people who could not work on the day of the sale, came and helped sort and price during the week.  Some of our Church Family were here during the week as well as on the day of the Sale.   We felt it was a time to give back to the Community by making it affordable to the people coming to sale, we cleaned our closets, and made money for the Church.  The remaining items were donated to charity.  Yes I would say we had a very successful sale and a lot of fun.   THANK YOU!!!

Our presbytery is working to create a vision for what the presbytery can be and do.  As part of this process they have asked the sessions of each of the churches in the presbytery to submit a list of the top 5 needs of their congregation.  Here’s what our session came up with as we brainstormed during our meeting today.

  1. Community Outreach
  2. Leadership
  3. Communication
  4. Member Support
  5. Involvement

Yes, it is vague and general.  But what do you think?  Feel free to submit a comment below.